Saturday, April 03, 2010

Hello BabyBabyDolly !

Currently Im sooooo in Alexander Mcqueen Mode

Not that "hunting" for shoes mode. But feel like commiting suicide -.-!
School's work is killing me!

Oh,give me a break please!

Hang in there Anisssss, Hang in there


  1. alexander mcqueen is the best.
    take a look yg collaborate with puma. AWSOME gila.
    but thennnnnnnnn..mahal nak mampus.

  2. wah! betul. sgt sgt suka alexander mcqueen punya idea! haha tak mampula kan. mampu tgk je!
    suka christian laboutin tak?
    if nak, let me noe ok :)
    murah je. but replica la dear!
    80+ dah boleh dpt



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