Thursday, March 17, 2011

im sorry

hello to all my dearest babydolls outhere :)

been a while i didnt post any news to all of you..rindu!
been busy settling things and be a fulltime boyfriend to my mommy x)
shopping ,gossipping, dating, touring around the town with my mommy is not a bad idea at all.
it was fun anyways :)
pluss, ull get a free shopping spree! hihi thats the best part of it.
mommys are always money generous, trust me.a promised blessing towards ur pocket indeed hihi

ps: ada house warming soon, surely ill invite all of you to come :)

Much Love, XOXO


  1. baiknye anak mummy ni! :) kem salam ur mummy okies. okay now da rasa rindu zaman kanak2 selalu tempek kat umah encik baba :(

  2. lepas ni pindah, dah tggllah sejarah taman bahagia tu. u pindah, yaya pindah, next me pindah..rindu nya surely zaman kanak2 kita membesar dulu~ i miss u na..

  3. ehem..Bile aktiviti memanaskan umah?? haha

  4. hehe x) rumah dah bakau sate nanty i roger. jgn tanya2 pastu tak dtg sudah :P

  5. umah bru ktne ni darling?

  6. dekat bukit piatu mutiara. dekat with astana moda :)

  7. bile house di panas kan?? nak g~~~ ^__^

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. ^_^ awak surely kena dtg! nanty kita text awak ok kalau dah confirm date, sumwhere in april or may :)



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