Sunday, November 11, 2012


p/s: well, orang ni macam macam perangai sometimes. haih.


Friday, November 09, 2012

in order to be wise, act and think wisely.

my good friend said these:

"dlm agama diajar perempuan wajib keras hati and memilih..coz once da kawin..ur responsibility to follow..slagi x lawan agama..wajib follow so now perempuan kena la keras..tapi kelemahan perempuan pulak hati mcm ice cream kena matahari. cepat caiirrrrrrr beb"

"kalau ur partner not in ure postition which is trying ur best for the sake of future..then die kene support/adapt la dgn pasangan dia. jgn keras in terms of lawan mak bapak..lawan suami..but in terms of kan x kahwin responsibilty xde apa perempuan kene keras hati sikit..biar partner tu adapt ..kalau dia xnk..lantak dia"

"life is always a learning lesson..i always believe it works both ways..even kite tolong dgr luahan hati org..and bg suggestion..sebenarnya tuhan buka dia ilmu..satu orang yang meluahkan..satu orang yang mendengar and bagi yang meluahkan dapat tau option si pencadang..and yang pencadang pun dapat belajar life lesson from yang meluahkan"

the best part is:

"lelaki ni die kene belajar words susah sikit..otak kt montot"

well, it somehow make sense to me. terima kasih. lesson learned tonight :)


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

so sick

hey darlas.

haaah. we meet again here. on this space. this old space of mine mm :)

so well, sorry for being invisible for quite sometime, gila tak sengaja. things have been a tiny bit chaotic here and there for me lately.arghhh i was slammed with workloads, classes on the weekends, tercekik with assignments and things in between. so i get exhausted easily during the night hee but well, tonite ive decided to spend some time for you guys updating this. 

start with, what wud be the plan for 2013 wud be nice right?

so diatas nama anis haha, saya mungkin inginkan perkara-perkara dibawah :

1) be a better muslim
2) be a better muslim
3) be a better muslim
4) work efficiently till end of the day, less work left for tomm.
5) enjoying the weekend
6) get my scroll.
7) more 'green' thing
8) kehidupan yang teratur
9) makan tepat pada sesi
10) get a new circle of people around

for me, ya true life can be magnificent if u urself lead it to the doors of happiness. less dramatic. keep the negative doors closed. make changes in ur life instead of just mourning. for me, people around me plays the major part of bringing the vibe. if i bergaul dan mendapat tekanan yang kurang baik, so ya hasilnya pasti kurang baik. i want happy people. happy faces. happy modes :)

dear darlas, too much drama sometimes makes me sick. unappreciative people put me in anger. this is not about bein arrogant or lupa diri or lupa tanah yang dipijak. this is not right. tapi, sometimes kita pun dah tak mampu nak think about it ,i did rasa it pulls me down. this is more than a lesson learned after all the stumbles, the ups and down. im so sorry. i just cant accept it anymore. i need a major change to keep me going :(

beautiful nite love,

anis haha

Monday, October 01, 2012

Not Stupid At All

Hello Lovedolls :)

mm oftenly said that love conquers all. falling in love is easy. everyone knows that. so here is a lil something that ive just read and decided to share it with my readers :)

“I am only as strong as the caffeine I drink, the hair spray I use and the girlfriends I have.”

i dont even know know what i was... i felt so many things that day...back and forth with excitement, confusion, pushing thoughts of hope aside and then hopes rushing back in....happened so quick.

Think about it...
The prettiest woman in the world can have trouble in her heart.
And the most highly favored woman on your job may be unable to have children.
And the richest woman you know, she's got the car, the house, the clothes... might be lonely.
And the word says if 'I have not Love, I have nothing.'

So, again, love who you are. Look in the mirror in the morning, and smile and say...

“I am too blessed to be stressed and too anointed to be disappointed!”

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Anger


why on earth semua orang gila babi tak reti bertolak ansur. cuba la matang sikit. tolonggggg la jangan buat gua bertaufan. tahu tak semua orang work fuckin hard nak stable kan company's tax. jangan la sebab keinginan dan janji janji lu sorang mengganggu kerja orang lain. u noe so well, financing dalam syarikat sangat sangat penting untuk mengukur kekuatan syarikat. cubaaaaaaalah faham. gua tanak langsung kalau boleh penalty bodoh charged to our company. try la to control. kalau gua boleh sygkan money flow company ni. kenapa lu orang tak reti valueeee how meaningfulnya kalau audit 2012 ni cantik figurenya? come one. think and act la macam umur lu orang gak. try la to understand how much i care about thisssssssssss?!

sorry readers.

sick to manage,
anis haha

Monday, August 13, 2012


Awak, sila menangis dan anggap diri sendiri unlucky kalau tak dapat test this hair serum.
i tak jual. but boleh cari dekat saloon saloon.
only at RM70+ per bottle honey. worth every penny. wire hair?
nomore! trust me. guna jari pun boleyy ;p

ps; changed hair colour for raya. innocent look ;p

love& mish,

Sunday, August 12, 2012


dear babydolls,

raya is so near and ramadhan almost come to its end. how time flies right? today i tanak cakap gua gua. sebab tak larat. puasa. hehe. just a lil update need to be done here. so here we go..

things gettin better and better. ramadhan yang menenangkan. workload pun kurang, just tat i kena juggle my time very well between studies and office's loads. i got lucky sbb dah ada new payroll clerk to help me trough out the payment process every month. hope i cud monitor her and all the team mates well afterwards. oh lupa, did i tell u ive just finished my 3rd sem master? 2 more to go and im done! boleh fikir tentang benda lain! yeehee.

part one done.

nothing much to update lar guys. starting to blur ni..hehe

my ramadhan was like isnin till jumaat 8-430 kerja. balik rumah mummy, tolong her masak and prepare for berbuka. eh u guys perasan ramai sgt using the word iftar this year. haha. macam macam ;p i still use the word berbuka. classic. then, done with berbuka at 8.30pm we went to perform teraweh prayer together. balik just rest and relax. oh so much fun. feel boring, but...i just need tat :))

part two.

well, ok. preparation raya, i buat biasa je ;pno cookies up until now tak buat apa apa yet. hihi anyone nak bagi i cookies? cornflakes pwish ;p and got 2 baju for this coming eid. colour? its nude peach and black. how about you guys? its ok, if tak beli baju raya pun. u can just recycle your collection and mix and match it! :)

apa lagi i nak update. blurrrrr haha!

yaaaaaaa. lately, i titooo banyak sangat ;) dah lama tak rasa relax. teehee. my bed and i dah jadi bestfriend! i believe, mood stable buat rambut pun jadi lebih lembut & muka kurang wrinkles! you give your body, mind and soul a precious gift actually.wish i cud have this all year looong.

so apa lagi eh *.* ok lah,

last but not least, i personally wana take this great opportunity meminta maaf to those yang pernah terguris hati, terkasar bahasa, terlebih kacau, termakan hati. im so sorry. come lets give a new start! :) i guess, tats tat for now guys. no card raya to give. no angpau to give. just a simple invitation for you guys, do come to my house jalan jalan raya, just give me a ring sure will entertain you. will try to cook something nice to welcome your visit soon :) one more week to go! yey!

p/s: just got a fone call from my cutie pie qaisara (2yrs old). she said " hewwo, aunty, aunty katne? shawra (pelat to sebut sara) nak datang wuma aunty boleh? shawra nyalan-nyalan ni, aunty datang tau, semua owg ada sini tau, shawra tunggu aunty tau!"

so cute. 3kali 'tau' dia pesan aunty. sampai sekarang still senyum :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

When You Tell Me...

focus on minit ke 10.50 dan seterusnya. 


It truly amazes me that some people think that their soul mate is going to show up in their life at this predestined time and be this flawless person. A true soul mate is actually a mirror of yourself, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. Sure, they might have a common upbringing, similar interests but they have the one thing you don’t have which is the introspection to help you become great. What use is a soul mate if they can’t help free you from yourself so you can live your life mission?

take care people.

miss haha

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Hardest Word

dear someone,

wherever you are, whatever you do, whenever it takes, there is nothing much i could say more.

Ramadhan Ramadhan

I'd like to seek forgiveness to everyone here be it intentionally or unintentionally. Let us all just try to fast our eyes, ears ad tongue as well. May Allah grant us all forgiveness in this blessed month and grace your home with warmth and peace. Here we go again celebrating and welcoming the holly month of Ramadhan Kareem, insyaallah :)

Hope you & you & you & you, all of you darlings do well with puasa. All the best!

Mish & Love,
Miss Haha :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Patutlah 40km/j menjadi kelajuan pilihan orang Msia :'(

ps: nyawa masih panjang. alhamdullilah.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

F to the You

kenapa rakyat msia tak suka menggunakan signal dan hanya memberi signal lagi 0.099 saat nak masuk simpang? awak ni mmg sajaaa kan mengundang carutan manis dari mulut saya.

kenapa rakyat msia suka berhenti di garisan kuning sedangkan sudah terang lagi bersuluh undang undang jalan raya msia mengatakan jangan berhenti diatas garisan kuning?

kenapa rakyat msia ni susah sgt nak tgk cermin kiri kanan depan blakang untuk perhatikan adakah mereka sedang menepati speed limit yang sepatutnya dan berada di lorong yang sepatutnya? ya mungkin leka sgt hias cermin tu dengan 10ekor anak patung sampai dah tade ruang nak tengok....hihi so cute la tu?

kenapa rakyat msia (perempuan) suka berhenti (brek) mengejutkan jantung walaupun jarak diantara dia dan orang depan adalah 200m jauhnya? dan tanpa sebab?

kenapa rakyat msia suka parking senget senget sehingga menggunakan dua kotak parking hanya untuk parking baby comel dia tu?

kenapa rakyat msia ni lagi kita bagi signal nak change lane kiri or kanan..tadi dia punya la mensiput perlahan tiba tiba je dah berdesup mengalahkan sebuah ferari dan tak nak kasi chance langsung?

kenapa speed limit pilihan orang msia semasa jam 8.30am adalah 30-40km/j? niceeeee.

kenapa rakyat msia ni ramai sangat gangster jalan raya. kenapa gangsterism adalah satu tabiat yang begitu diterujai oleh rakyat msia?

saya geram betul dengan kakak kancil merah tadi. siap jegil biji mata saya hon sekali. haha. picit muka akak tu kang. bagi signal ye kak lain kali.

Thursday, July 05, 2012


dear someone,

apa yang dah jadi today ill take it as a challenge to myself. im big enough to make my own decision. berapa banyak pun halangan, tak bermakna gua senang give up. im doing this for the sake of my family, pride, and future. mak gua ajar, pantang berundur sebelum mati. gua ada pride gua sendiri. muda, muda juga tapi gua kasi ingat gua bukan kosong tiada isi. dengan ini, gua akan kerja dengan lebih gigih, belajar lebih tekun, catch up selagi mampu and make decision wisely. i shall not give uppppppp. and tell u what, it doesnt mean that im only 24 and u assume i knoe nothing about life. TRY ME!

ill proof u wrong :) oneday ull bow to me. who knows.

business is still a business!! ill make sure there is only one left standing. either u or ME!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Hope so.....

Tentang Rasa

Hey guys,

Its already 3.47am and gua masih belum senang hati dengan hasil output assignment gua ni. banyak sangat benda nak perlu dibaca, disemak, ditulis balik etc. tapi gua yang hati tak berapa nak cekal ni, pernah juga rasa mcm dah talarat dengan semua ni. tapi sabar kan separuh daripada iman :))

Assignments, thesis yang memang sah sah leceh nak buat, commitment kerja yang sangat tight, master classes yang dah merampas sebahagian masa rehat (800am- 630pm non stop on saturday), hal hal in between, sometimes makes me feel 24hours isnt enough....tapi semua ni ada reason kenapa Allah s.w.t tetapkan mcmtu :)

Gua rasa letih tu sangat sangat. Tapi bila lagi waktu yang sesuai untuk gua lalui ni semua. gua dah 24tahun, gua perlula fight yang terbaik untuk kehidupan gua. Taboleh nak rasa give give up ni. Kadang-kadang pelik...orang yang dpt rehat 6hrs per day yang still mengeluh penat...they should be thankful kan?

Tak cukup rehat ni sebenarnya banyak bawa changes in me. The bad ones. Which gua sendiri confuse dan tak nakkkk benda-benda ni jadi. Tidur and rest yang cukup tu penting, walaupun lu orang dikurniakan kuasa super shaiya yang tak perlukan tidur. tapi tetap gua rasa tidur tu penting. Haha.

Uncool betul , bila kawan-kawan pun dah start complaint gua dah tak sesabar dulu..gua dah tak cool and pimp (ke? ;p) macam dulu..tapi gua nak lu orang (best buddy gua) faham condition gua ok. maybe bila gua dah less commitment to commit gua akan kembali normal. kalau bukan korang yang nak faham siapa lagi orang lah cinta hati pengarang jantung gua :'( hehe. Thank you pada close friend gua yang tak pernah away walau apa pun jadi...gua sayang lu orang *grouphug*

Gua buat semua semua ni untuk mendapatkan brighter future. hehe (gelak sikit). Bersusah-susah dahulu lah orang kata, cewah poyo punya tagline. No, seriously gua rasa, gua perlu fight for it, no matter what. Hopefully tenang la jalan jalan yang bakal mendatang....gua perlukan energy booster!!

Goodnite guys!

Miss & Love,
Haha, 4.04am.

Monday, July 02, 2012


Seriously this is not the best/right time i cud write for all  readers outhere. But ya noe, the eager to write back its likeeeee dragggging and pullingggg  me to actually waste one minute of my precious time. Its okkkkkkk :)) Teringat one place that actually i can release tension, it was here. So back to square one. Hopefully by sharing thots and ideas with all of you can bring peace back to my mind.

Sorry la pasal i dah tukar link. So sorry guys if all of you find any difficulties to search my link. There is nomore :( so sekarang kena rajin sikit to add up the word "blogspot" back to the previous link. 

Much love & miss,

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Keep Shining

Whenever I feel down or whenever i feel out of place. Family is the best cure u can find out of anything else. Hidup mati selain untuk Tuhan yang satu, adalah family for me. My siblings are the best ever. They cheer me up most of the time. We were taught to respect, love and care for one another in whatever situation we're in (good or bad times). Eventho i tade close makeup-main masak2- bedroom's frend since im the only flower in the house (excluded my mom), tapi alhamdullilah everything is just perfect. For now, ada kakak ipar bertambahlah flowers in the house. Thank You Allah for all the bless :')

ps: Tommorow 1/2/2012 ada new guy replaced a position in the office! Nama dia Din, 24 yrs. So welcome Din. Its gonna be more/less awkward since the office tak pernah ada kannn . PAKCIK, ATOK ramai :p So we will see how's tommorow gona turn out. Hewhew :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Her Broken Hearted

Ive been knowing Miss A for quite sometime. Since teenager sampaila dah kertu ni still kawan and hangout sama-sama. Kalau nak describe her, i might say happy go lucky tak mengira tempat and waktu, hyperactive, very loud, yakinnnn dengan apa she wanna do etc. Tapi one thing about her yang maybe i slowly faham is..dia memang ada hati yang lembut evento she might nampak garang.

Sungguh seldom and rarely dia akan cerita to me about her love life. But once dia cerita, it means SERIOUS dan bahawasanya "aku tak main-main"! lol ;D
Memang i dah faham sangat! Ye lah, Miss A ni mmg famous dengan kebijaksanaan dia, Matrix both sems 4flat, masuk Uni almost every sems dean's list. Mana la sempat nak fikir-fikir about loveeeeeeeee ni.

Nak diceritakan, dalam tak sempat tu still ada la few guys yang berjaya masuk her list, but tak kekal lama. ada jeee yang tak kena. She decided to take a break from all this remeh temeh thingy. Soooooooooo after a longgggggg period, being single. Tup tup dia datang to cerita me about one guy ni, she met back in her Uni's days..but jadi close after jumpa balik in Langkawi.

Sebagai salah seorang BFF (sila mengaku i am one. hew hew) i kena la tadah telinga dengar all her cerita about this guy. I noticed, memang dia sukaaa sangat. I memang happy bila she's happy. Tapi lama-lama i dah makin kenal dengan this guy, i macam dapat detect yang dia ni ada something yang tak kena. eventho he call Miss A everyday and bagi good respond la but still I always find yang dia mcm hide something. And sebagai kawan yang menyedari benda tak best ni, i mula to berterus terang dengan Miss A how i kurang setuju dia ngan this guy bla bla bla.I sedar, Miss A mula rasa tak best dengan i. Tapi...i dhont know how nak explain to her :'( tsk

Last few weeks, Miss A bagitahu yang this guy ada gurau gurau cakap he's gettin married. Bila Miss A tanya betul-betul, dia cakap dia joking je. I dah mula rasakan my intuition macam betul tau, but i tak berani nak cakap to her again. I takut i might kecilkan hati her. But today, she posted me this guy punya gamba. He's married. I was so shocked. She called me and we start to chat alil....and i try to drag the story supaya tak sedih kan her sangat. and ending tu i asked her, if u were given a chance to say something to him...what wud u wanna tell him.....

Miss A wrote:

"To dear you, im happy for your marriage. seriously im happy for you. Dah sampai jodoh kan. Alhamdullilah, but im wondering tho the reason u contacted me if u know already u r going to marry her? u already have someone in your mind n still u gave me hope or maybe i misunderstood it but still, WHY? hummm nevermind. I wish uall the happiness in the world. :) be a good husband and father to be okeh. lots of love"

I pause, and read it again and again and try hard to put myself in the same boat with her. i know that hurts. marriage tu bukan benda yang boleh main-main for me...........i wish i could give her a tight hug. dhont be sad honey. im all here for you. i love u darling. there are million guys out there! ;p ull find better! 5 tahun lagi kan?


ps: how about i treat you something sweet tommorow? ring me!

Monday, January 23, 2012


Gua lately suka mimpi pelik pelik lar. Sometimes gua sendiri taboleh nak describe it was about what. Gua dah lah jenis suka berfikir. Tapi gua pujuk diri gua supaya please-lah rasa malas. so tat i wont have time to fikir-fikir. eh, nak nak lagi menterjemahkan mimpi-mimpi ni. Benda remeh lah untuk orang macam gua. Tapi otak gua masih memikirkannya. Gua pun penat-lah wonder whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy T.T uncool betul lah. Eh, hehe tapi bukan mimpi hantu ya, mind you. Yang menyebabkan gua selalu memikirnya adalah kerana dejavu kerap kali datang. It somehow membuktikan mimpi gua tu....hmph :/ apa agaknya ye~

Goodnite! This is for you :*



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