Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Her Broken Hearted

Ive been knowing Miss A for quite sometime. Since teenager sampaila dah kertu ni still kawan and hangout sama-sama. Kalau nak describe her, i might say happy go lucky tak mengira tempat and waktu, hyperactive, very loud, yakinnnn dengan apa she wanna do etc. Tapi one thing about her yang maybe i slowly faham is..dia memang ada hati yang lembut evento she might nampak garang.

Sungguh seldom and rarely dia akan cerita to me about her love life. But once dia cerita, it means SERIOUS dan bahawasanya "aku tak main-main"! lol ;D
Memang i dah faham sangat! Ye lah, Miss A ni mmg famous dengan kebijaksanaan dia, Matrix both sems 4flat, masuk Uni almost every sems dean's list. Mana la sempat nak fikir-fikir about loveeeeeeeee ni.

Nak diceritakan, dalam tak sempat tu still ada la few guys yang berjaya masuk her list, but tak kekal lama. ada jeee yang tak kena. She decided to take a break from all this remeh temeh thingy. Soooooooooo after a longgggggg period, being single. Tup tup dia datang to cerita me about one guy ni, she met back in her Uni's days..but jadi close after jumpa balik in Langkawi.

Sebagai salah seorang BFF (sila mengaku i am one. hew hew) i kena la tadah telinga dengar all her cerita about this guy. I noticed, memang dia sukaaa sangat. I memang happy bila she's happy. Tapi lama-lama i dah makin kenal dengan this guy, i macam dapat detect yang dia ni ada something yang tak kena. eventho he call Miss A everyday and bagi good respond la but still I always find yang dia mcm hide something. And sebagai kawan yang menyedari benda tak best ni, i mula to berterus terang dengan Miss A how i kurang setuju dia ngan this guy bla bla bla.I sedar, Miss A mula rasa tak best dengan i. Tapi...i dhont know how nak explain to her :'( tsk

Last few weeks, Miss A bagitahu yang this guy ada gurau gurau cakap he's gettin married. Bila Miss A tanya betul-betul, dia cakap dia joking je. I dah mula rasakan my intuition macam betul tau, but i tak berani nak cakap to her again. I takut i might kecilkan hati her. But today, she posted me this guy punya gamba. He's married. I was so shocked. She called me and we start to chat alil....and i try to drag the story supaya tak sedih kan her sangat. and ending tu i asked her, if u were given a chance to say something to him...what wud u wanna tell him.....

Miss A wrote:

"To dear you, im happy for your marriage. seriously im happy for you. Dah sampai jodoh kan. Alhamdullilah, but im wondering tho the reason u contacted me if u know already u r going to marry her? u already have someone in your mind n still u gave me hope or maybe i misunderstood it but still, WHY? hummm nevermind. I wish uall the happiness in the world. :) be a good husband and father to be okeh. lots of love"

I pause, and read it again and again and try hard to put myself in the same boat with her. i know that hurts. marriage tu bukan benda yang boleh main-main for me...........i wish i could give her a tight hug. dhont be sad honey. im all here for you. i love u darling. there are million guys out there! ;p ull find better! 5 tahun lagi kan?


ps: how about i treat you something sweet tommorow? ring me!

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