Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Keep Shining

Whenever I feel down or whenever i feel out of place. Family is the best cure u can find out of anything else. Hidup mati selain untuk Tuhan yang satu, adalah family for me. My siblings are the best ever. They cheer me up most of the time. We were taught to respect, love and care for one another in whatever situation we're in (good or bad times). Eventho i tade close makeup-main masak2- bedroom's frend since im the only flower in the house (excluded my mom), tapi alhamdullilah everything is just perfect. For now, ada kakak ipar bertambahlah flowers in the house. Thank You Allah for all the bless :')

ps: Tommorow 1/2/2012 ada new guy replaced a position in the office! Nama dia Din, 24 yrs. So welcome Din. Its gonna be more/less awkward since the office tak pernah ada kannn . PAKCIK, ATOK ramai :p So we will see how's tommorow gona turn out. Hewhew :)


  1. Yuhu.

    Hopping in and hopping out. I love encryption, and I failed to decrypt your email. Haha.

    Can you give me the solution?


    I decrypted it as " anis: i love you s___ m___ (boy's name?)" 80% right?

  2. hi anonymous :)

    ure just 45% right :)

  3. a_ _ _ i love you so much

  4. ok. sm stands for so much. and a stands for the boy's name.

    current mark?

  5. HAHA why did u put just 3 spaces after 'A'? what makes you guess so ;p

    1. t krm slm kt dak bru y da Xbrape nk bru kje kt tmpt awk 2 ey :)) suh dia kje leklok n jgn on9 jew..hoho..

  6. Things are better left unsaidMarch 22, 2012 at 10:44 AM

    hapdet la machaaaaaaaaa..da berabuk blog hengkau



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