Monday, August 13, 2012


Awak, sila menangis dan anggap diri sendiri unlucky kalau tak dapat test this hair serum.
i tak jual. but boleh cari dekat saloon saloon.
only at RM70+ per bottle honey. worth every penny. wire hair?
nomore! trust me. guna jari pun boleyy ;p

ps; changed hair colour for raya. innocent look ;p

love& mish,

Sunday, August 12, 2012


dear babydolls,

raya is so near and ramadhan almost come to its end. how time flies right? today i tanak cakap gua gua. sebab tak larat. puasa. hehe. just a lil update need to be done here. so here we go..

things gettin better and better. ramadhan yang menenangkan. workload pun kurang, just tat i kena juggle my time very well between studies and office's loads. i got lucky sbb dah ada new payroll clerk to help me trough out the payment process every month. hope i cud monitor her and all the team mates well afterwards. oh lupa, did i tell u ive just finished my 3rd sem master? 2 more to go and im done! boleh fikir tentang benda lain! yeehee.

part one done.

nothing much to update lar guys. starting to blur ni..hehe

my ramadhan was like isnin till jumaat 8-430 kerja. balik rumah mummy, tolong her masak and prepare for berbuka. eh u guys perasan ramai sgt using the word iftar this year. haha. macam macam ;p i still use the word berbuka. classic. then, done with berbuka at 8.30pm we went to perform teraweh prayer together. balik just rest and relax. oh so much fun. feel boring, but...i just need tat :))

part two.

well, ok. preparation raya, i buat biasa je ;pno cookies up until now tak buat apa apa yet. hihi anyone nak bagi i cookies? cornflakes pwish ;p and got 2 baju for this coming eid. colour? its nude peach and black. how about you guys? its ok, if tak beli baju raya pun. u can just recycle your collection and mix and match it! :)

apa lagi i nak update. blurrrrr haha!

yaaaaaaa. lately, i titooo banyak sangat ;) dah lama tak rasa relax. teehee. my bed and i dah jadi bestfriend! i believe, mood stable buat rambut pun jadi lebih lembut & muka kurang wrinkles! you give your body, mind and soul a precious gift actually.wish i cud have this all year looong.

so apa lagi eh *.* ok lah,

last but not least, i personally wana take this great opportunity meminta maaf to those yang pernah terguris hati, terkasar bahasa, terlebih kacau, termakan hati. im so sorry. come lets give a new start! :) i guess, tats tat for now guys. no card raya to give. no angpau to give. just a simple invitation for you guys, do come to my house jalan jalan raya, just give me a ring sure will entertain you. will try to cook something nice to welcome your visit soon :) one more week to go! yey!

p/s: just got a fone call from my cutie pie qaisara (2yrs old). she said " hewwo, aunty, aunty katne? shawra (pelat to sebut sara) nak datang wuma aunty boleh? shawra nyalan-nyalan ni, aunty datang tau, semua owg ada sini tau, shawra tunggu aunty tau!"

so cute. 3kali 'tau' dia pesan aunty. sampai sekarang still senyum :)


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