Wednesday, October 31, 2012

so sick

hey darlas.

haaah. we meet again here. on this space. this old space of mine mm :)

so well, sorry for being invisible for quite sometime, gila tak sengaja. things have been a tiny bit chaotic here and there for me lately.arghhh i was slammed with workloads, classes on the weekends, tercekik with assignments and things in between. so i get exhausted easily during the night hee but well, tonite ive decided to spend some time for you guys updating this. 

start with, what wud be the plan for 2013 wud be nice right?

so diatas nama anis haha, saya mungkin inginkan perkara-perkara dibawah :

1) be a better muslim
2) be a better muslim
3) be a better muslim
4) work efficiently till end of the day, less work left for tomm.
5) enjoying the weekend
6) get my scroll.
7) more 'green' thing
8) kehidupan yang teratur
9) makan tepat pada sesi
10) get a new circle of people around

for me, ya true life can be magnificent if u urself lead it to the doors of happiness. less dramatic. keep the negative doors closed. make changes in ur life instead of just mourning. for me, people around me plays the major part of bringing the vibe. if i bergaul dan mendapat tekanan yang kurang baik, so ya hasilnya pasti kurang baik. i want happy people. happy faces. happy modes :)

dear darlas, too much drama sometimes makes me sick. unappreciative people put me in anger. this is not about bein arrogant or lupa diri or lupa tanah yang dipijak. this is not right. tapi, sometimes kita pun dah tak mampu nak think about it ,i did rasa it pulls me down. this is more than a lesson learned after all the stumbles, the ups and down. im so sorry. i just cant accept it anymore. i need a major change to keep me going :(

beautiful nite love,

anis haha

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