Friday, August 22, 2014

Haha is Back!

assalamualaikum ebody!


 how u guys been doin? O.O






Oh wow! i missed almost 2 freaking years and a half already! how're things guyzzzz! ahhh time just keep on passing by...I find it hard to commit on my blog because there's so much things going on in my life for these past few commitment towards my reality life is far much more bigger in terms of the priority & responsibility.Its not just about the work (that i'm still struggling & adapting with),the more hassles part was that i had to deal with all the ups and down at the same time juggling...with u know~ the middle-life-crisis-that's-happening-when-you-turned-25. bluergh. but still well done, congrats to myself! i did pretty well with it hee! survived for a year already! :)

oh u dont have any idea on how i miss being creative, merepek-repek and let my brain wonders and being inspired by all the people around the world. rinduuuuuunya blogging. i miss my friends, i miss my siblings and i miss my love (please come back faster!) urgh, i miss all those thing that makes me happy :(

Just need to find time to update. soo many things to post, so little time to do so. sigh. maybe one fine day i will get back to you more regularly. instead of just popping out of no where-out of the blue! hehe. toodles!

footnote: thank you for visiting again darlas. hey hey, drop me some hellos. u know i do read every single one of them :)

hugs and mish



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