Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Story Of Backstreetboys

back in the years, as i remember, i used to be very skeptical in love life. they say, age makes u wiser. cant rely deny it, yes, for me, age makes me wiser. my mother is my all-time-teacher. banyak sangat nasihat about it. well, i do have very strong reason on everything that i wanna do. my close friends knew how strong am i holding onto my life principal sampai yang annoying with it punnnnn ramai kannn (love u girls!) 

i remember how i used to hate guys tat linger with lotsa girls. i even labeled them "the backstreetboys". i hate guys act like daddy-cool esply the one tat catches the most attention in crowd. i used to hate boys tat talk alot with girls and socializing like theyre the hottest guy on earth. 

for me, i just need a simple guy that only sees  me in every aspect. eat- me. sleep- me. study- me. work- me. shopping- me. love- me. drink- me. drive-me-crazeeeeeeeey haha! that was it. only for me. 

but that was yesterday...

because of that, ive been isolating myself, kononnya reserving it for someone that i thought he'll deserves to have me well later on. what did i do? JADI LA MAK JEMAH YANG PALING SOMBONG DALAM DUNIA. i easily get annoyed by those kinda guys. ive been doin screening test on guys that gettin to know me like hell-yo-hard. i guess 99.8% failed takin my-to-be-boyfriend- exam :ppppp


haih, i dont know wheter 'knowing someone for 8 or 10 years' is a big thing anymore now. seriously for me, tat 8-10 years its only a number. we cud never really know somebody right? people change. dont judge/punish someone by their bad past. orang melayu cakap, tak kenal maka tak cinta. go and get to know them. i truly believe about jodoh and how strong ure holding on ur principal pun, Allah telah tentukan segalanya.

all in all the journey...litterally it was a roller coster..but somehow i slowly  understand the grooves. by chosing to isolate urself is not making urself any better. live ur lifeeeeeee dude. leave ur yesterdayyyyy. explore. and stop believing in myth!

hehe love is nice anyway...i found mine today. the backstreet boys' boy. eat up ur word well miss haha! bluergh :p

hug and miss,

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Dislike, I Care

"People will be mean to you, belittle you, underestimate you, lie to you, hurt you, back-stab you, mock you, doubt you, ignore you, bully you. But kindness, kindness is magic. It turns even the darkest night into the brightest day. Believe in kindness. Spread kindness. Always remember, when they hate you, love them back"- D.R

 ini mmg susaaaaaaaaaah. susah. gile.
acah-acah meleng tahi kambing kind memang kau kata boleh ar. tapi persoalannya;

sejauh mana? seikhlas mana? sebaik mana? se redha mana? selama mana? 
 se se se se se se se se se se he he i just love to create questions. creative orang kata mih mih

ps: sudah berusaha kearah itu// (?)

haha and insomnia

srrrot srrrot

for the past weeks im chocked by gettin weird fever at night.
malam demam, malam demam. no dengue. well, feel much better tonite.

doctor cakap gua macam biasaaa je tangkas kuat bertenaga hensem etc cumaaaa badan tu ada berhabaaa cikit. so gua redha jela. badang pun kenala demam sekali sekali. penghapus dosa kecil orang kata mih mih.

mumy macam biasala kalau dgr demam sikit, bekejar masak itu ini dan risau mengalahkan menghidap penyakit kronik T.T si anak mula uhuk ehek segala.

but seriously tats the fun part of catchin a fever. bila demam, mulut akan menggeletar secara otometik "mumy~ mumy~" wonder how la if mumy takde. nak panggil siapaaa anakmu ini mengadaaa. he he. dgr cerita kan MR saya agak garang menggendalikan pesakit demam kus kus ni. kussss semangat.

2 minggu tersadai tak sihat, kerja tak berapa nak efisyen. whiccccch is not good. now dah october. lagi 3 months je nak closing. bukan business sj tahu closing, vaaaaaariety of closing lagi yang gua panic kan he he.

goodnight lovelies. semoga esok tak demam lagi! kroh kroh



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