Thursday, October 02, 2014

Dislike, I Care

"People will be mean to you, belittle you, underestimate you, lie to you, hurt you, back-stab you, mock you, doubt you, ignore you, bully you. But kindness, kindness is magic. It turns even the darkest night into the brightest day. Believe in kindness. Spread kindness. Always remember, when they hate you, love them back"- D.R

 ini mmg susaaaaaaaaaah. susah. gile.
acah-acah meleng tahi kambing kind memang kau kata boleh ar. tapi persoalannya;

sejauh mana? seikhlas mana? sebaik mana? se redha mana? selama mana? 
 se se se se se se se se se se he he i just love to create questions. creative orang kata mih mih

ps: sudah berusaha kearah itu// (?)

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